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What a Barking Owl !!!

Sunday the 14th April 2024 We had a great afternoon of flying owls in two sessions from 4:30 pm till 6:30 pm. The owls were doing great. Bb flew off over the pond into a tree 50m away, something he hasn’t really done before. The ducks’ screams were funny as Bb, the Boobook Owl, is way too small for a duck snack. As we got out Twilight, the Barn Owl, I saw a silhouette of quite large, roundish wings pitching to the right quite quickly up to a telephone cable 50m away. The speed and maneuverability made me say to everybody, “I’m going to have a look.” To my surprise, it was a Barking Owl, my first sighting of one in Beerwah. It moved away, but we could hear the calls into the distance, I now know why the the ducks were nurvious !!!

A boobook Owl at night
Boobook Owl

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Apr 15

What a big surprise😮

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