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Falconry Based

Falconry-based flight training is an evidence-based method that is widely used in the rehabilitation of birds of prey. The goal of this training method is to restore the physical fitness, hunting, and flying abilities of birds of prey that have been injured or displaced. This method is based on the traditional sport of falconry, which has been used for centuries to train birds of prey for hunting and competition.

The training process typically involves the use of a falconry lure, which is a device that simulates prey, to encourage the bird to engage in hunting behavior. This is followed by training the bird to respond to commands from the trainer, such as recall commands, which are essential for the bird's survival in the wild. The duration and complexity of flight exercises are gradually increased to ensure that the bird is able to fly at its optimal level.

Studies have shown that falconry-biased flight training can be highly effective in improving the survival rate of rehabbed birds of prey. This is due to the fact that this method closely mimics the natural hunting and flying behaviors of birds of prey, which helps to increase their chances of survival in the wild. Additionally, the use of commands and recall training ensures that the bird is able to respond to human interaction in case of any emergency.

Overall, falconry-biased flight training is a highly effective method for rehabilitating birds of prey and increasing the chances of a successful release into the wild. This method is widely accepted and used by wildlife rehabilitation centers and Falconers worldwide.

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